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Established in 1998, the FIRST STEP Adult Education Center has always had as its primary focus, the Adult Learner who requires academic programming specific to their individual needs, in a non-traditional learning environment.


Services and programs are offered to clients who are:

· Adult Learners over the age of 18 and need to complete AB ED High School courses, upgrade their technical (computer/KB) skills, or want to take coursework for the love of Learning.

· Single parent Mothers/Fathers having difficulties finding employment which will allow them to provide for the basic needs of their families without the assistance from AE&I Income Support.

· Adults who have been away from the Workforce and who now need to upgrade their technical (computer/KB) skills in order to re-enter the workplace or move on to post-secondary training.

· Mature workers who have been working in entry level jobs and are not able to meet their basic living needs and require further training to advance in their job.

· Individuals who have exhausted their EI benefits and have not been able to find work due to limited academic and/or workplace skills.

· Individuals who are on WCB and are unable to return to their former jobs due to injuries incurred in the workplace. Academic upgrading may open the door to a new career.

· Adults with learning difficulties who require a more individualized Personal Learning Plan to address academic gaps in order to move on to further training or a supportive workplace learning environment.


Services at a glance:

· Assessment: Employability, Reading comprehension, Writing Skills,

· Education and Career Counseling with a focus on Industry trends

· One-on-one tutorials assist the learner in meeting their education goals

       Proctoring of EXAMS for ADL, Colleges and Universities

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Students can now view their

(i) demographic information,

(ii) Detailed Academic Report (DAR),

(iii) Diploma Exam Results Statement, and

(iv) progress towards their diploma or certificate.


In addition, students will be able to order an official transcript (and remit the required processing fee via credit card) as well as order additional copies of their credential/diploma or certificate, using the new website. 


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